Brand design

Packaging is also the accumulation of cultural image and reflect. Any brand of packaging has its cultural connotation, where we examine the cultural connotation of the brand packaging:
, packaging design concept
literally, "packaged" term parallel structure, "package" package, "loaded"-decorating, meaning, decorative items. From a design standpoint, "bag" is made of certain material things wrapped up, its fundamental purpose is to make things less damage, easy to transport, this is the category of practical science, belongs to the material concept of "loaded" means decoration embellishment. This refers to using different techniques to wrap things aesthetic, makes packages look pretty on the outside, this is the aesthetics, is a cultural concept. Simple talk "package" is the integration of these two concepts effectively. Functional
packaging design is always first, whatever shape it should be given simple design principles of ergonomic structure, constitute a kind of product safety, packaging to facilitate users.
sometimes designers blind pursuit of new materials and novel style, so as to forget the basic requirements for packaging, safety, reliability and convenience, it is a taboo in the design. In chemical industry, medical equipment, electronic technology, such as product packaging, which is particularly important.
II, packaging design concept
packaging design to meet the basic requirements, we should give more consideration to design content sections. If packaging design concept is a clothes-free package, modification of the human body, packaging design is one of clothing attire, then, packaging design is just the thought of the spiritual culture of the people. A person's clothing can reflect his ideas and accomplishments, packaging design can also reflect the product, brand, business, different meanings.
1 and, above all, we must find your product's personality, people have different personalities of the same age, the product is the same. Products of the same type has its own characteristics. Compare similar products to identify similarities and differences, targeting market segments consumer groups, accurate to product positioning, product distinctive, which is the packing of the first point. To quickly brand of "playing kissy-hold" products, for example, it is positioned in a lively, cheerful, like the pursuit of youth group. In response to this consumer mentality, from design elements taken from a representative of young people and clothes – jeans, using yellow, blue on the color contrast and style. Products put on the market by the vast number of young people welcome, recently became one of the favorite of Valentine's. This is determined by its distinctive personality.
3, and secondly, the packaging is also the accumulation of cultural image and reflect.
package design for product, products from the companies, packaging design certainly reflects the cultural image. For example: Coca-Cola's packaging design, not only to give the product brand, is more a reflection of Coca-Cola's corporate culture accumulated. That vibrant, passionate spirit of enterprise around the world, Coca-Cola's packaging appears, people will feel the Coca-Cola Company inherent in that culture.
2, once again, gives the product the humane personality characteristics, packaging design to reflect the brand connotation. "Her playing kissy" recognized by the vast number of young people at the same time, fastest lap, a brand with "playing kissy-hold" increases the volume of people, spread the consciousness of young people, representing young, dynamic, fresh and sweet brand image has been established.
4, and finally, packaging design also reflects a certain degree of regional culture.
This is reflected in the food packaging design stands out. For example, the packaging of tea, Westerners have simply understood as a pure drink of tea, while the Oriental poured more tea culture, forming a characteristic of the Oriental "tea culture", natural tea packaging style is also different between East and West. And if the wine packaging, understanding of the wine tends to be a symbol of power in the West, giving it the image of elegance and luxury packaging also uses gorgeous shapes and colours, even populist beer, packaging design style can be seen in the pursuit of strong side. Of easterners on wine, spirits, giving it more emotional. The ancients often compose poetry about the wine, or wine drinking with a friends and family reunification or separation, is more used to express emotion, so packaging is more for the mental side, fresh and elegant as a whole, makes the Association and reveries.
three performance usually consists of three-dimensional package of packaging design design and decorative design of the plane. 
three-dimensional shape forming the basic shape of the package. Recently, with the development of new materials and used also for packaging design design offers more space, traditional materials, such as paper, wood, cloth ... ... Is no longer the only choice. New recycled materials and eco-friendly materials, packaging design also have more developed forms.
from plane decorative Shang told, color of using also no longer stay Yu traditional of understanding awareness Shang, as: food industry in the, traditional concept think should more with easily produced appetite of warm conditioning line design, but as "interest more" food in color Shang is using has traditional industrial packaging design in the using of blue, "Yi mouth Lotus" food also with has usually was considered colored of purple, and "tide stains" detergent is with has food industry in the of orange color. There are many examples like this, they are uncharacteristically color ideas to consumers make a memorable first impression, brand image, and played an important role in improving sales. In addition to color, graphical text are also factors that cannot be ignored in Visual effects, such as "chips Ahoy", "eclairs" and "tide" and other products. People did not put them into the ranks of industrial or food. Since designers change the color at the same time, hold fast to the essential characteristics of products, pictures, graphics, Visual elements such as symbols accurately reflect product information. This is the reason of packaging design wins in the Visual and rules for winning.