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Focusing on original Jin ELIFE work together to the song of China the first screen

On January 2, 2015, by Jin ELIFE Smartphone named good song in the second quarter, China's CCTV entertainment channel (CCTV-3), Premiere, first started by 2015 Arts first. The song of China is China's first domestic is not focused on "star-making", but "song" of reality singing program, program focus is totally focused on original songs and the stories behind them, such as "original" as the core of the program with Jin ELIFE Smartphone concept hit it off. Therefore, gionee ELIFE won exclusive general title, the song of China to stand hand in hand to the original. After the premiere, not only 3 sets of CCTV's ratings of the night red, has triggered netizens for "original" heated discussion.
mentor original theme song starting started head array
China good songs premiered program in the, Liu, and GI, and Tanya and new Jin mentor feather Springs teamed up released has program theme song sing I of song, brings has one wonderful peerless of opening show performances, a exhibition sing for strength music people of color, four group original big Lady in China good songs first fit, site of hot let good songs of momentum from opening on powerful to can seconds killed earlier other program.
first phase, players battle has been in full swing. 6 players, there are 3 honoured to get 4 groups of mentors and putting. Which, China drum King Zhao Muyang of a first Warrior line moved has site of all mentor and audience, feather Springs mentor more is to out has rare of a votes "through", but Liu mentor of a sentence "music not died, rock not died" more let people moved, Zhao Muyang eventually select Liu mentor; and Elf odd of Su Yunying also by a first wild child captured has Tanya mentor of heart to out a votes "through" and will its enrollment to under; simple sincere of farmers Brothers Band is with a first I of tomato is clean of, Brings has a original of fresh and happy; and whole field maximum of lost, is asked of brother Yang regrets don't stage, but creation is to share and passed, love music of dream and not so terminated......
premiered in the, 4 group mentor split, except feather Springs mentor its SAC was 2 name singer outside, other mentor the get 1 name deli love, passion full of started has belongs to original of battle.
China good phone led hand original good songs
CCTV 3 sets, and Chan clusters team, and super strong mentor, and China original and so on several big elements collection up let good songs second quarter not fire are difficult, and program of hit also let its exclusive Crown name business--gold State ELIFE intelligent phone get has very high of concern, site not only gold State ELIFE intelligent phone frequently exposure, also let Jin ELIFE support China original of concept people.
the song of China Director Jin Lei has directed the voice of China, for the difference between the two shows, he said, "Chinese song, the show we've been waiting for ten years, even voice are good warm up songs seasons. For the music industry, creativity is the source of development, lack of original power, industry will be weak. "And this and the cell phone industry coincide. For the homogenization of the product for the mobile phone industry, gionee ELIFE Smartphone has chosen a difficult path to adhere to the original, used uncompromising attitude to create a Guinness World's thinnest Smartphone ELIFE S5.1. Original is not alone however, gionee ELIFE premiered the songs of China with the ratings prove this point.
the so-called "star-making you and I", the Chinese song ratings victory, highlighted the audience for original music, love and recognition, are sure to adhere to the original. 7:30 P.M. next Friday, gionee ELIFE together 3 sets of CCTV will continue to write original music and authored for the audience to have more surprises! BACK PAGE