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How to grab the user's "capricious" behavior? Wide intelligent orientation to help

It is said that Chinese people don't need festivals, just needed a reason to celebrate. Similarly, the businessman, also do not need the holiday they need is just a gimmick that allow consumers to spend. really the truth? Non-. Both from the human-built two-section 11 shopping daily turnover, and contemplation of merchant promotions during the holiday season, holiday marketing is not a trend, but an action.
new year's day is approaching, a big shopping spree is expected to hit. Consumers "capricious" behavior, businesses how to catch?
79% Chinese consumers on mobile advertising response rates very high
survey data show that during the holidays, Mobile Terminal user's activity and download rate that App will be high. Because the App will almost fill the user each fragment of time, such as waiting time, serving time, clearance time of reunion.
can expect during the upcoming new year's day, social classes, tools APP ' will increase significantly, sharing see the impulse comes from people's social attribute, like QQ, micro, Twitter and other social sharing tools activity will be concentrated during the new year's day to the Spring Festival.
according to the data issued by the National Institute of advertising 2014 shows that 79% of Chinese users to respond to mobile ads, 61% user to use smart phones to access social networking, 30% of users who would be happy to share social media advertising, through the purchase of mobile terminal at 40%. Mobile accounted for holiday users most of the time, together with mobile advertising response rates of up to 79%, it is clear that mobile ads during the new year period will have a multiplier effect.
super APP collection, grab the user's "capricious" consumption
big wave flow, advertisers already sit, racking my brains to think during the holidays to do their marketing and brand communications. But how to accurately find the customers they need to become a big problem for mobile advertising. How to spend every penny in advertising have value for money?
from two dimensions, advertising platform covering a wide crowd enough (data) and advertising push is accurate enough (intelligent orientation technology), are mutually reinforcing relationship between the parties. Based on the data, intelligent orientation by means of common good put in effect, put the proper showing ads to the right people.
wide stop aggregating QQ, Tencent QQ, micro-letters, news client, Tencent QQ music, Super APP, Jina Super billion flow of resources, the quest for various audience groups, covering total user count of over 800 million. Meanwhile, canton has professional intelligent recommendation algorithm, based on the user's basic properties, short term, long-term hobby user analysis dimension, precision DART Enterprise focused target user groups, locking consumers "capricious" moments, helping advertisers get higher exposure and ROI, by numerous brands, e-commerce, application classes recognized by advertisers.
smart orientation, make immediate
2014 year, 1th shop stocking wide stop information flow based on the Tencent QQ launched mobile ad, accuracy is 1.3 times the normal level of the market, cost lower than that of other media 30%, several key indicators are industry-leading level. In addition, small brands to launch wide pass also achieve a good result. Vines such as yarn ladies Double investing 11 wide, and ROI to 26.6, orders raised 4 times times climbing watches wide stop flow of ads in 15 days, trading volume soared directly from 200,000 to 2 million, compared with the previous 10 times. Wide stop on the mobile side advantage is obvious, creating value and brand marketing platform effect is an example of a win-win situation.
2015 new year's day, the Spring Festival and other festivals follow, for businesses, and hopefully this will be a catch up with double 11, dual 12-volume marketing opportunities. Time! Only fast with mobile, good use of advertising platform to accurately target potential consumers, is it possible to become a marketing campaign victory party. BACK PAGE