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Stick Film Festival the members area of free and horizon ornate open

Christmas, new year's day "double egg" will come, can't stand the overcrowding in the cinema you may stay home, accompanied by candle-lit wine appreciation blockbusters is a good choice. Regardless of the fresh and refined like the golden age of art films, or the Super brain hole open science fiction films, and where is the father and the return of the United Nations, the dear and so on ... ... and maybe in 2014 you missed a good movie. Note that, as long as you come by and view built in conjunction with Baidu post bar "and Horizon bar-end Film Festival", do not look at, no Member, these films you can watch for free at once.
beyond the large free, the first thing is the lucky ball raffle, you not only have a chance to win and mega movie boxes-the event horizon and rods can also take 5 Yuan, 20 Yuan worth of movie tickets, and horizon watch more movie, Ghost Director Tsui Hark's latest 3D movies taking Tiger Mountain by strategy, movie tickets and you are likely to get. In addition, the video Baidu classes related to # and view Film Festival # topic to write their own 2014 favorite three films also have access to the tickets of taking Tiger Mountain by strategy.
the only operating entity as mobile-oriented video-migu video technology limited's blockbuster product. "Horizon" is the first focused on film and television platform with the blockbuster premiere product, providing massive HD source, multi platform, such as ways of seeing. Exclusive of the first film (six domestic and foreign cinema, Hollywood, etc) has been constructing mobile phone big start "new cinema", it will become and horizon products with other video sites and mobile phone application with the most differentiated characteristics.
for the cooperation, and the horizon market official said "cooperation with Baidu tieba was chosen precisely value the platform around the interest of social properties and the fan power, and high degree of user involvement. Activity, we choose for friends free large tracts, most Theater off the time is approaching, and in almost every other video site, watch these videos are subject to charges. These unique resources, would surely love your movie in the friends set off round the end of the film boom. "
reported that this activity is also Baidu first website in collaboration with the video film festival at the end of the subject, in fact, around television interests also occupy the paste very high proportion of the huge flow of endorsements, and live in a manner worthy import and promotion of resources, makes Festival a 2014 one of Baidu's most popular activities. BACK PAGE