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Effect of talking, its app store marketing way

Nowadays, we are no longer a good wine needs no Bush era, fragmented network environment continues to split the user's attention, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, SMEs more to marketing bottlenecks. Promotion of marketing channel of limited financial resources, less difficulties for SMEs such as advertising a poor struggling, so look for a University into ROI (return on investment) the effect of advertising platforms becoming a matter of urgency.
recently, Tencent launched app store app store push version 2.0, app store integrated new Tencent Tencent network media information, entertainment and social networking the three systems of high quality resources, providing SMEs with high quality results-oriented marketing services. Push app store has huge amounts of users, quality resources, diversity promotion and precise effect, put on the flexibility of the five value system, build a comprehensive effect of leading advertising platform.
mass users, quality resources: brand exposure to elevate
known as "the land of abundance" name Chengdu, has a full range of entertainment and leisure facilities and shopping district, is every advertiser of battle. Floraland Park in Chengdu a national 4 a-level scenic spots, in order to gather at the time of the opening of phase II water park popularity, attracting visitors, floraland needed to boost its influence quickly enhance the brand marketing platform.
Tencent floraland mentally meeting provided a rhythmic integrated marketing solutions. According to the limited spread of existing audience, status quo, floraland tickets using Tencent weibo, and "broadcast Q make money" to increase exposure and accumulation in the form of popularity. With Tencent social traffic app store baiyiji resources and huge amounts of active user base, floraland spent 13 days of advertising, audience interaction has reached 18,000 times, new audience growth rate reached 153%, potential consumer groups strongly expanding, area shot up in popularity.
"height combined with both of us during the whole activity, microblogging app platform from combination of promotion works very well, audience activity there is great interest and active interaction. "Floraland heads of evaluation.
multiple promotion, and put flexible: precision marketing effect doubled
in day of industry in the, skin care beauty makeup is a competition is fierce of battlefield, outside has international brand monopoly, within has domestic brand shunt, electric business skin care brand drug makeup porcelain muscle doctor wants to highlight siege, must strengthening brand publicity, upgrade brand visibility, will potential user drainage porcelain muscle official electric business website and reached purchase, upgrade sales into.
Tencent wisdom meeting to help porcelain muscle doctor reached good of advertising effect, for its manufacturing has two a publicity stage, first is take social, and entertainment, and information integration platform promotion, on target customer strengthening exposure, repeatedly stimulus user, closer consumers of distance, increased brand of affinity degrees and visibility; second stage is is to CPE (single times click billing) of mode to reduced single times click cost, and set interest label, on user for refinement put, to upgrade conversion rate. Porcelain muscle doctor in charge, "said Tencent was other turnover in the app store platform 3 times. "The effect is remarkable.
, "our main purpose is to drive fans to consumer behavior, why ROI is the most fancy, less than two months time, a total of 1452 single volume, turnover reached 170,000! "Porcelain muscle doctor about app store push, head of the interactive forms of advertising, is delighted," strong brand exposure, the actual transformation is also good. "In addition to the effects on the ROI and branding is also gaining, porcelain muscle doctor's daily exposure to reach 2 million times a day, Twitter audience has increased by 100,000 people.
for small and medium enterprises, limited promotion cost estimate, extension, is solved in its dissemination on the Internet marketing pain points, while Tencent app store focus on SME marketing problem, introduced a set of social, entertainment, information integrated marketing platform app store push, has not heard of SMEs a comprehensive integrated marketing solutions of Zhi Tong.
accessible on a broad platform, app store push with Tencent weibo, news client, Tencent video platform, covering media, entertainment and social networking the three systems of quality resources; in the accurate and effective marketing programs, intellectual Huitong has a gold resource of network media matrix promotion, advertising independently, without competitive bidding, delivery result data can be detected. In the future, its app store will go through more strict operation support system for cooperative partners and customers a refined marketing services, multi-dimensional deeper research and continued mining, continuous pilot multimedia integrated marketing. BACK PAGE