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How to break? Tencent app store opening and efficient way of marketing

When people get information from PC to mobile, as companies from a product to a mind when marketing from a single channel into resource integration, a great number of SMEs confronted with the severe times of change blank and confused, faced in marketing the promotion effect, flow into reality, SMEs how to survive in the age of the mobile Internet and bigger and stronger? &Nbsp;   
its app store for the small and medium enterprises has opened up a new way of marketing, recently in Beijing issued a new set of Tencent Tencent app store app store products-the effect of SME marketing services product app store push marketing solutions, customer-oriented enterprise app store works.
four problems into a marketing stumbling block
Internet marketing for most businesses already familiar, from a look at the overall trend, development of network marketing has come a long way, is entering a period of rapid development. Especially for small and medium enterprises, Internet marketing has become an important part of their marketing strategy, how to break through Internet marketing, blue sea hot industry challenges for SMEs.
However, despite mighty of Internet trend has into stormed of potential, but debris of of network environment Xia, user attention was constantly cutting, in this situation Xia, SMEs in marketing of road on more difficult choices has: cost budget less, needed efficient ROI into; promotion way less, hard wide class threshold high; advertising effect poor, click, and access, and registered, and into effect poor; promotion independent sex poor, missing real applies SMEs of advertising platform.
for small and medium size enterprises market pain point, Tencent launched app store app store push version 2.0 integrates the Tencent network media information, entertainment and social networking the three systems of high quality resources, providing SMEs with high quality results-oriented marketing services. Push app store has huge amounts of users, quality resources, diversity promotion, accurate, flexible delivery, mass effect user five value system, build a comprehensive effect of leading advertising platform.
app store push 2.0 power rebate network breakthrough marketing Red Sea
at present, China has more than 11 million small and medium enterprises, competition is great. In the midst of a huge industry in the Red Sea, the target audience is an important foundation for small and medium enterprises can survive and would like to get a mass audience must rely on powerful promotion tool for millions of users touch up, which brand improve.
founded in 2006 net of the rebate, promotion subject to the Twitter audience less spread, read broadcast low obstacles, making brand communication will be enhanced. To reduced registered user gets cost, upgrade customer using returned Lee network times, returned Lee network and wisdom meeting push depth cooperation didn't in CPM platform for put, short 15 days, micro-Bo exposure volume compared Qian two week growth 200%, interactive rate highest upgrade twice times, audience increased to 190,000, average daily growth 300 a, and in customer level, registered number turned has twice times, registered cost reduced has 47%, single advertising plans brings registered data about reached 30,735 a.
head rebate network believes that push the app store has become the important position of our launch promotion, also wants to later push the app store product set is perfect to facilitate advertising more relevant.
from online to offline, break the long tail SME O2O dilemma
as the ferocious tide O2O, the plight of SMEs is often "there is only one sum of money spent where the most value? ", That is, on a limited budget, how to get predictable ROI (input-output). In this connection, the Tencent app store more online and offline connection provides a new path for SMEs a O2O road to counter attack.
in May this year, Hong Kong's five-star Auman's elegant upholstered furniture living museum officially launched, to enhance brand impact and gain traction, combined with micro-blog to join campaign, increase the amount of offline consulting, launch of the app store push platform for a period.
will realize the exposure ratio significantly increased 50% during the preceding week, interaction rates improved twice times increased from 0.2% to 0.55%, audience numbers increased by 15,000. Average 260 daily activities during advisory, intention to join the crowd grew from 20 to 100 people, Shop Browse add 10%, ROI as high as 1:8. Single consultation costs only 80 Yuan eventually, exposure 50% reduction in cost.
not only so, small education institutions also also in wisdom meeting push platform harvest wonders, this year August, Sichuan radio times Business College for improve school admissions index in wisdom meeting push CPE put has 25 days, put during, Sichuan area school brand exposure 1.06 million times, excellent Advisory up to 80%, average Advisory cost 60 Yuan around, single times interactive cost 0.88 Yuan, website arrived rate 83%. Push the app store effect advertising platform for brand awareness in schools has brought rapid promotion, and directly drive the increase of quotas.
at present, already include network services, entertainment and leisure, day, education and many other advertisers to participate in in depth cooperation with Tencent's app store. Conference, its app store to the share of SMEs in a number of high quality and efficient marketing case, providing advertisers with experience and references. Customer-oriented app store works, through a multi-dimensional, in-depth research and digging, can provide more quality brand communication for the enterprise marketing solutions, providing perfect service system to support new products. Through strict operation support system for cooperative partners and customers a refined marketing service, zhihuitong will be the dissemination of SMEs and regional brand "weapon". BACK PAGE