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From the United States "Spring Festival" see United States how to advertise

In China, the annual top-rated programs worthy of the CCTV's "Spring Festival". But you know, in the United States, and every year there is a "Gala"-level programming, broadcast time of the miraculous, AO ratings Pack, no one can hold a candle. But this show is not a party, but a sports broadcast, it was "Super Bowl", the United States Football League's annual championship game.
can not look down on this "Super Bowl," the annual Super Bowl Sunday is called "Super Bowl Sunday", this day is an annual United States day of food consumption is the second highest in a single day, second only to Thanksgiving and even Christmas are left behind.
this year's "Super Cup" held on the afternoon of Sunday, February 1. Supermarket shopping malls have opened over a month ago out of the area, selling "Super Cup" eat food, party decorations, clothing and even promotional large-screen television. 6 opening at night, shots hit to the space station on the first United States astronauts, he waved his team flags, and then shot plunged back to Earth, night lights much boiling on the pitch. Even President Barack Obama has invited Senate and House leaders, all events at the White House with him. 80% of Americans turned on the TV to watch the game that night. But then again, this 80% of Americans are not all football fans, so they keep in front of the television watching what? Let me see the whole "Super Bowl" of pseudo fans to uncover the answer for you, pseudo-fans-advertising!
hold the highest ratings the blessing of these ads is sky-high. The price this year is $ 3 million per 30 seconds. Various businesses to hire big-name producer, took out the CCTV director Pai "Gala" program momentum, building concentrated products ads. These boutique advertising reflects the United States television advertisement features and main idea. And advertising "celebrity endorsements" characteristics and different United States television advertising in addition to the cosmetic advertising, little stars; "Super Bowl" in 55 ad, and only 5-Star appearance. United States television advertising after is: humor, creativity and life.
these ads really make people laugh. Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals on the field competing for "Super Bowl", these ads is like stretching, and who is more funny. Although the economy into turmoil, but we are still the same as in previous years, the television had a good laugh. One potato chip manufacturers in line for $ 1 million for bonuses to amateur solicitation advertising national advertising. Final winners are a pair of Indiana did not work brother. Their ads are called "free potato chips." Content is a male colleagues from declaring today free after eating chips all Office, his desk crystal ball severely hit the vending machine. Surprise this nonsensical plot down all the audience. The most valuable are those funny ads, are derived from living or common workplace anecdotes, or bickering between couples, or the pet's antics, making people laugh, while from the bottom chord.
this year's "Super Bowl" ads also no lack of creative thought. DreamWorks has produced a 90-second 3D advertising to promote new movie "monsters vs aliens"; followed by Pepsi also produced a 60-second 3D advertising. Advertisers and even major supermarkets in the country placed 12.5 million to pay for special glasses for free, simply wearing glasses can be in ads aired, enjoy the wonderful stereo images on their TV.
this year's "Super Bowl" has the curtain falls, Pittsburgh Steelers win. But we are still in the Internet again and recall those boutique advertising. Indiana down brothers with money and fame, "free chips" was voted as the "Super Bowl" the best advertising. Big business a few days, and will start looking for a producer for next year's "Super Bowl" appearance prepared. BACK PAGE