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This ad copy from the popular language

One day in 2013, I travel reading clubs on the road network in the mail today, the headlines of the day impressively write three words that start with ' my guy stay, .... I was surprised! Totally do not know, even if there are typos, will not get it so wrong? When I'm no longer responsible for the plum network management, but can't help feeling responsible for the plum network was transferred to old cow. Of course, I am also a very curious person, and Baidu a bit "my guy", I understand. But then, Wikipedia has not included "I man" this entry, our editors really edgy.
then, our news headlines and "high up", "rest and relaxation, where abandoned", "unknown Jue Li," "tired feel love," anyway, I don't get tired, lazy, so we are accustomed to. Today, if you take "is wayward" or "too drunk" to search, sogou app public search will find that overwhelming results, mostly composed of corporate public contribution, title of the article. Copy this post has completely fallen!
I was curious to ask our Marketing Department of a young man, do you think this title is cool? Guess what he said? He looked a bit apologetic, saying I don't know why, put your hands on the keyboard, and the words came out. When is it that I don't remember the atmosphere began to form, anyway, when I, there is absolutely no picture. I vaguely remember that started the "very yellow, very violent" (according to company research, it is popular in 2008). Now, look to the market, not to mention "high-end atmosphere on the grade" copy, not even an ordinary copy of the original is more and more rare, both men and women, no matter what the product, we are living in a "sprouting da" in the copywriting world.
there is no doubt that the main culprit is social media! Since 2008, social media networks ' popular language emergence and dissemination of core strength. But the question is why Enterprise marketers helped them? Because the cut cut, more mess "social marketing"!
I think that were I asked blushing young man. Is not it, he alone was responsible for the brand's micro-blogging, micro-maintenance, public, although we've never issued a number of hard targets, but the daily should always be right? Poor guy worrying text is not attractive enough, and stick to and associated with the brand of the product on the other side, daily grind, scrape together. Think China now how much like our guys, like the social media administrator, scale of marketing copy to be produced every day. Under this production, also like to copy each sentence can be touching? Age of
in the absence of social marketing, a copy often needs to refine a week, an advertising company outstanding copy not a year to write a few really successful advertisement. This large investment, small-output model lasted for decades (starting from post-war Madison Avenue), to the era of social context has completely changed. From impact our communications objectives goals customer attitudes and behaviour directly quantify the number of fans, subscribers, comments, forward promotion, marketing effectiveness measure problem seems to be solved overnight. Precisely because of these numbers can be changed are available, unlike the customers ' attitude and behavior that is difficult to test, to the accumulation of a lot of marketers social marketing content driven. On the app platform, said article has been issued by the public every day, up to millions of.
wind blow not only to the content of the social media marketing marketing of production, greatly misled back to practitioners, focus events and topics. But "creating" event and topic represents a huge investment, high risk, so no conditions "created" people to "follow" the so-called hot events and topics. Instinctively, those buzzwords, have rushed into our marketing copy. Follow
Buzzword marketing copy, really helps to do marketing? I think a discussion on the issue has very little meaning, which, though effective, starting from the second followers, utility will quickly decline, everyone follows, and is completely useless.
useless matter, the key question is whether "bad"? I think the answer is obvious. Every company, every brand should make every effort to create a one of a kind personality, in this process, from the information content, Visual expression, from corporate identity to employee behavior, has been a long and arduous effort. Any popular language may apply to any brand? It's hard to imagine a luxury brand called out "money is wayward"?
brand abuse even if you are a fit for play, adjusted in line with the, but are you really willing to put their own brand and "copy, conformity" link do? "Shoes that fold up, and buy and cherish", the first sentence is yaoganzi soft, almost the last candle brand 18 generations of fathers.
in the final analysis, we have to accept the fact that, "great writing" is not so easy to birth, it needs marketing team, brand manager for many years of sustained effort. Because of this, our social media, content marketing attitudes to be more calm, more patience, reducing short-term goals, focusing on long-term accumulation and progressive breakthrough. Do not accommodate the brand spread to popular culture, it's not your goal. Let your content marketing team put all the burden, eyeing the brand personality and attitude.
10 years ago, popular words often come from ad copy, ad copy from the Buzzword today. Is time to revitalize the work of the marketing industry standards. BACK PAGE