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United Tencent video vivo Smartphone open PLAY2.0 interactive marketing era

On November 21, "enjoy the very wisdom • take off hand in hand," vivo interaction between Smartphone • Tencent video song of Hi total title launches "Tencent Club successfully held in Beijing. Vivo Smartphone CMO fen Lei and Tencent's online media business group of advertisers such as Tang Rong, General Manager of South China attended the Conference. Both songs Hi interactive general title sponsor signing ceremony of the cooperation strategy, and agreed that in the tide of video and interactive, PLAY2.0 interactive marketing era has arrived, creative pursuit of cutting-edge brands should be combined with creative marketing platform to jointly promote the development of video marketing.
vivo Smartphone CMO fen Lei said vivo Smartphones has always attached great importance to the younger groups focus on entertainment content and development tendency of video content, and this time cooperation with Tencent video songs Hi hopes to achieve greater innovation breakthroughs. "We chose ' interaction is always named ' forms of cooperation, would really like from the perspective of interaction with young people a new way of communication. This requires not only interactive platform with covered huge user base, more new and innovative forms, resource integration, operational experience, and these are no small challenge. Tencent video almost meet the Smartphone in vivo brand interactions all of the imagination. "Fen Lei said.
Tencent network media business group of advertisers said Tang Rong, South China, as the leader of the new mobile phone brand, VIVO's Smartphone market is very light, this has always been the pursuit of innovative digital marketing strategies, and believes the partnership will create a branded video marketing case.
it is understood that the video PLAY as Tencent 2.0 pattern build a strong creative arts masterpiece, the Hi song to achieve a variety of subversion-innovation. The program, users can be predicted by looking at each other to move the window and page-star song, and Hi song of the year and the week is decided by the users through interactive, to subvert the traditional music program with expert and celebrity model, really make customers judges involved. Meanwhile, linkage program by Tencent video platform products, form a platform for hot spot interaction, volume rose record they played, the current playback volume has surpassed the 100 million mark (November 20), saying Q4 quarterly network original shows. Vivo smartphones, through the interaction of the Hi song the general title sponsor, brand exclusive innovation the core content of the Hi songs, achieving seamless interaction and content, user participation program interactive direct interface. As of the second phase of the data displayed, user engagement support number has been closer to 12 million, refreshing the record industry. Exposure and interaction through multiple links, VIVO Smartphone not only visibility and memory have been improving, and vivo has been the ultimate, innovation, dynamism, the brand value of music also resonates with young people.
this year, the wave of video and interactive digital marketing industry as a whole, the big brands have expanded joint marketing with powerful video platform, intended more as in digital marketing. Tencent Hi video song by "watching" innovation in PLAY2.0 mode, VIVO Smartphone brand new video content to expand the marketing field, deepens the communication of brand and potential customers. Video PLAY2.0 mode with Tencent continued with programmes on video marketing is expected to further enhance the value of, then as a program of "interactive total named" vivo smartphones will also be one of the biggest beneficiaries.

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