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Logo design 

Source of logo, dating back to ancient times "Totem". At that time, each clan and tribe has a has a mysterious relationship with own animals or natural things as the clan or tribe's special markup (that is, called the Totem). Nu Wa clan snake totem, Yu Huang Xiong as a totem of their ancestors, and with the Sun, the Moon, the Crow as a totem, and so on. Original Totem carving in live in caves and on the working tools, then as war and sacrifice logo, flag and national emblem. After the country, and became the national flag, the national emblem. People in productive labor and social life, to facilitate communication, marking the significance, characteristics and differences between the kinds of things belong, continue to create and use a wide variety of types of marks, such as road signs, the village and the stele, marked with heraldry, etc. Broadly speaking, these are logo design. In ancient Egypt Tombs have been found in most of the containers with logo is the manufacturer's logo and name later changed into a pattern. In ancient Greece, the logo has been widely used. In Rome and Pompeii and ancient buildings of the Palestinian have been found carved on a special logo, such as new wheels, grape leaves and similar simple patterns. Medieval soldiers wore armour, invisible mark of distinguish ownership on the bonnet, noble families also have a family emblem. In ancient China, its own workshop shop, with signs, name, logo, paper made with dark stripes within the logo of the Tang dynasty, Song dynasty, trademark is quite common ... ... In this century, public logo, the logo of internationalization began in the world popularity. With the development of socio-economic, political, technological, cultural, now designed by a high degree of practicality and artistry of the logo, have been widely used in all areas of society, on the development and progress of human society plays a huge role and influence. An emerging science-"symbol logo" came into being.

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